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A Practical Guide to Building Value

Oncology Patient-Centered Medical Home®

Who We Are

In the era of healthcare reform, the pressures on your practice to provide quality, value-based cancer care are mounting. A Practical Guide to Building Value is an 8-module instructional guide designed to help you continue to offer expert cancer care in a more productive, more profitable way. A Practical Guide will facilitate your transition to a value-based oncology provider capable of participating in future contractual arrangements and enhancing job satisfaction within your practice.


The free introductory module is now available for download. 

Transforming Oncology.

The Oncology Patient-Centered Medical Home (OPCMH) is a model of care that enhances value for patients, oncology providers and payers by reengineering the proccesses of care delivery to empower the care team and optimize physican-patient interactions.


OPCMH is a framework for future models of payment reform that merges patient engagement with complementary practice services. The model is the primary driver of greater efficiencies, better health and the reduction of unnecessary cost and resource utilization that undermines the quality of care. 

Oncology Management Services exists to empower both community and institutionally based practices and programs to deliver the highest value cancer care to patients and their families. We achieve this by providing the tools, technology and support necessary to become a value-based provider of cancer care.


Through our products and consulting services, our team brings innovative data-driven models of care to help you and your team continuously improve the value of care you deliver and enhance the financial success of your practice.

2015 Cancer Care Delivery Summit

The OMS Team hosts a yearly synposium bringing together physicans, policy makers and thought leaders from around the country to discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in improving the delivery of value-based oncology care.


We expect our next event to be held in the second quarter of 2015. If you are interested in attending this event, we recommend filling in the information below to receive an alert when the official date and list of speakers is finalized.

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Upcoming Events

Join us! October Webinar


"Becoming an Oncology Patient-Centered Medical Home"

Dr. John D. Sprandio will host a live webinar discussing his practice's (Consultants in Medical Oncology & Hematology) transformation to the first NCQA recognized Level III Oncology-Patient Centered Medical Home.


Dr. Sprandio will highlight both the challenges his team faced during the process, as well as the financial and qualitative outcomes that CMOH has observed. Following a 30-minute lecture, a Q&A session will be held during which participants will be welcome to voice their questions and experience with Dr. Sprandio and the OMS Team. 

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