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Symptom Management Program

Of central importance to the Oncology Patient-Centered Medical Home is the concept of on demand symptom management. Our proprietary Symptom Management Program has evolved from decades of practice experience and can help your team assess and effectively address patient symptoms related to treatment and progression of disease.

OMS' Symptom Management Program consists of two complementary components:



  1. Nurse Triage Algorithms for in-person or telephone triage

  2. Patient Instruction for Self-Management



The Nurse Triage Algorithms allow your practice to respond to the need for on-demand symptom management. This is a critical first step towards providing appropriate and timely services that reduce ER utilization and hospital admissions.


These triage algorithms are disaggregated in to defined segements that allow the triage nurse to operate at the level of his or her license in order to promptly address patient symptoms and minimize interruptions of ongoing patient-physician interactions.


These algorithms will help your practice ensure that care is delivered at the appropriate time in the appropriate location—whether it be the oncologist's office, patient's home, or emergency room or hospital.


Patient Instruction for Self-Management consists of a pool of standardized symptom-related instructions that can be customized to each patient's unique symptoms. The care team can efficiently provide patients with instructions for managing their unique symptoms, thereby providing enhanced patient-centered care that also meets meaningful use regulations.


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