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Introducing Iris.


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The Iris Story

Iris was developed by a team of physicians, nurses and user-interface developers to be an effective, easy to use software tool that enables patient-centered care.


We believe that consistently deliering patient-centered care requires physcian- and care-team focused tools.


So we set out to build the tool we thought you we were getting when we purchased our EMR—one that is built with physican and care team work environment in mind.



What it Does

Iris transforms data into actionable information provided to the care team needs before they meet with a patient. Prepare, Guide, Communicate, Measure.


Point of Care

The physican-led care team presented with 

Patient history, problem list, performance, triage calls are all presented to the care team in a single scrollable page for review before the interaction. No data inputting required—Iris eliminated clinicall irrevelvant activities, and key members of the care team are not data inputters.


Workflow requires certain elements

Clinical support, standardizing the science of medicine so that physicians can practice the art of medicine. Prompts with known toxicities or changes in performance 


Communication & Coordination

A single click communicates the relevant inform with others: referring physicians, patients an families



Tracks patient-engagement, key performance indicators such as APCPY, data completeness




Why Use Iris?

Iris is accepted as the tool that enables the consistent delivery of patient-centered healthcare. Tool for payers, providers, and networks (such as ACOs, IPA, CINs) to delivery on their value propostion: delivery of better healthcare, better outcomes and lower cost.


Provider tool first and foremost, enhance the consistency and quality of care delivered to our patients, quality of life and job satisfaction, an financial success.


Interested in seeing a demo? Please get in touch with us .

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