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Service-line Management

Fully-integrated outpatient cancer centers and health system cancer service lines require experienced leaders who can create high-performing organizations. OPCMH serves as a unifying framework for all cancer specialists to deliver safe, efficient, patient-centered, quality and coordinated care.  

OPCMH is a model for performance excellence that will enable health systems to deliver value-based care through:



  • Use of evidence based guidelines, care plans and processes

  • Standardization to reduce errors and create efficiencies

  • Lean principles to streamline systems and workflow

  • Documentation in structured fields to enable measurement and accountability

  • Patient and workforce engagement

  • Improved patient and family experience

  • Continuous data-driven improvement

  • Reduction of waste and inefficiencies 

  • Prepare for alternative payment reform models


In operating outpatient cancer centers, the OMS team helps foster an Oncology Patient-Centered Medical "Neighborhood" by streamlining the coordination and communication across a full range of cancer care providers, from surgical and radiation, to medical and pediatric oncology. 


The OMS management team applies its full range of products and services to ensure that each provider—whether a hospital employee or independent physician—has the benefits of the OPCMH model of care. Our Iris Clinical Decision Support software further enhances communication both within and among practices to create a comprehensive and fully-integrated outpatient cancer center.

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