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A Practical Guide to Building Value

A Practical Guide to Building Value is a comprehensive self-instructional guide for oncology practices aiming to learn more about the changing healthcare landscape and the steps involved in becoming an Oncology Patient-Centered Medical Home.

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The cancer care community needs to respond to the call of health care reform. Between the Affordable Health Care Act and the drive to provide quality, value-based cancer care, the pressures on your oncology practice are mounting. 


The future holds much opportunity for those interested in playing by the new rules—if they know how to compete. A Practical Guide to Building Value will enable you to differentate your practice in the marketplace as a value-based provider of cancer care and enhance the current level of quality being delivered. It will help you streamline your business, reorganize where needed, and empower your staff to excel, regardless of what the future holds: new payment models, new organizational structures, limited networks, you name it, you'll be able to handle it.


Reliability and accountability, as driven by the Practical Guide to Building Value, will help ensure that your practice will not only survive, but thrive.


Our goal with the Practical Guide to Building Value is to help you continue to offer expert cancer care in a more productive and more profitable way by empowering your physician-led care team.



The Practical Guide to Building Value offers your practice:


  • 8 self-guided training modules that are personalized and interactive

  • Training that empowers your staff by creating more autonomy within your physician-led care team

  • Improved physician and staff efficiency

  • The ability to perform great customer service in this rapidly changing environment.

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Modules of the Practical Guide

A Practical Guide to Building Value was developed by physicians, practice leaders, oncology nurses and IT developers to provide you and your care team with the knowledge and resources to provide value-based cancer care efficiently and effectively.


The complete 8-module Practical Guide is available for pre-order. Each module will also available for purchase individually. You are welcome to schedule a call with one of our OPCMH specialists to learn more about the Practical Guide and how it will aid your practice.

Table of Contents

Module 0

An Introduction to the Practical Guide and Oncology Patient-Centered Medical Home

Module 1

Maximizing the Potential of an Electronic Medical Record

Module 2

Gaining Efficiencies through Physician-Led Care Teams

Module 3

Creating the Highly-Engaged Patient and Family

Module 4

Standardized Processes of Care to Promote Physician, Practice and Patient Efficiences

Module 5

Merging Clinical Workflow with Data Presentation and Documentation

Module 6

Develop Your Highly-Synergistic Patient-Centered Oncology Neighborhood

Module 7

Creating a Culture of Continuous Data-Driven Performance Improvement

Module 8

Recognition, Certification and Accredidation

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