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At OMS, our core belief is that to become a value-based provider of cancer care, specialists must embrace quality while controlling unnecessary resource utilization (cost). While numerous quality metrics have been widely embraced, true value-based providers of cancer care must also assume responsibility for the costs associated with potentially avoidable complications that are within our clinical domain to control.


Our mission is to transform oncology practices and programs to true value-based providers of cancer care by enhancing quality and controlling costs. This dual focus on quality and cost—as inseparable components of value—is the basis of a new value proposition in cancer care.


Through our products and consulting services, we bring an innovative care model, data support, physician-centric information technology, payer-relations and business management to help you and your practice thrive by delivering accountable cancer care. OMS will help your practice or program prepare for future payment methodologies and the contractual relationships with the structures adopting them, such as Accountable Care Organizations, Independent Physician Associations, Integrated Delivery Systems, etc.


We believe that improving the consistency of care is the cornerstone of providing high-quality care to our patients. In pursuit of this goal, we have assembled a talented and experienced team of oncology professionals to help you and your care team deliver the highest value care to your patients while maximizing business performance. We invite you to explore our range of products, services and educational workshops to see how our team can help you become a value-based provider of the future.


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